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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Arrived in London today, where I will be attending the CEPIC convention later this week.  CEPIC is the largest gathering of stock photo agencies from all over the world.  I came a few days early to photograph London.

Here are several variations I did of Big Ben.  All were taken with the Nikon D800, which will be my main camera while here.  I did bring along the Fuji X-Pro1 to run some tests on it, and I brought along the Leica M9 because...well...I always bring along a Leica.

The clouds today were dramatic so I kept combining them into graphic designs around everything I photographed.

This extreme wide angle view was taken with the Sigma 12-24mm zoom set to 21mm.  I bought this lens recently because of its 12mm focal length, which is the widest rectilinear lens available for a full-frame Nikon.

A polarizing filter helped to saturate the colors here.  The telephone booth had glares on it from direct sunlight that the filter eliminated.

The streaks are made by opening the camera shutter for a long time while traffic goes by.  Here the shutter speed was 3 seconds.  This is actually a composite of three images.  I recorded some variations in the traffic streaks and superimposed them over each other to fill in where I wanted to add some color.

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