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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yesterday the stock market was closed for a holiday and we were fortunate enough to have access to photograph in a stock trading office that was empty and available for the day.  We went with four models and reeled them through numerous situations.  Here are just a few of the hundred or so images we obtained.

All the computer screens were blank so we have to add them later in Photoshop.  We had visited this location at an earlier date and photographed trading screens created for us to use for this purpose.

Mostly I was able to shoot available light with IS0 ranges of 400-1600 on a Nikon D3s, which I find to be the best camera for this type of shooting situation.

In a shooting such as this it is all about the animation in the model's faces.  They need to have their attention riveted to their screens and appear -- with both body language and expression --  to be in the midst of active involvement in the fast-paced, high-pressure trading environment.

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