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Monday, February 20, 2012

Over the weekend I worked on some of the Images from my trip to Mexico to prepare them for my art portfolio.  Here are a few samples.  The photo above is of the main Mayan Temple at Chichén Itzá.  I liked the way the cloud formation mirrored the pattern of the building structure beneath it.  A 24mm focal lens with polarizer to darken the sky.
This was taken inside one of the passageways through the stone wall surrounding the Mayan city of Tulum.  The tunnel is long and narrow with a pointed Mayan arch top enclosing you. As you move from the bright sunlight to the dark interior, your eyes adjust to the darkness and the other end of the tunnel takes on an eerie, almost frieightening glow.  Shot with a 9mm focal length on a D7000 for maximum wide-angle effect.
A small tidal pool by the ocean with the late afternoon sun reflecting in the water.  Taken with the Fuji X100.
Dock with late morning sun.  Taken with Fuji X100.  This photo and the one above are part of a series I did on the beach in Mexico.

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