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Monday, February 13, 2012

Today was lightly overcast. -- not good for photographing the beach, but perfect for photographing in a tropical forest.  So I concentrated on tropical themes for most of the day.  Generally I was striving for a lush, green feel to the images.
I shot primarily with the Nikon D700 and both the 24-70mm zoom and 16-35mm zoom on a tripod at ISO 200 and an aperture around f/8.  A polarizing filter was necessary to cut though the reflections on the leaves and bring out their true color.  In the bottom photo with a waterfall in the background I also needed a Neutral Density filter to reduce the shutter speed to 1/2sec so it would blur the falling water.  The moisture on the leaves was added by a spray bottle of water I carry with me for situations such as this.

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