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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I find that the square format is an easy way of achieving a simple, but strong and effective graphic composition.

When a square images appears in the search results of a stock agency, the images is noticeably larger than other formats and receives more visual attention as a result.

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  1. I like this image due to its selective focus and I can imagine it will lend itself to many concepts. Do you ever make use of a PC lens or a Lens Baby? I am on my second year of my Portrait-a-Day blog, featuring images of (mostly) people who live in Alaska. My project started out as a chore but has become a fun routine that I actually enjoy. The best part is being able to produce images very quickly. Here is my web site:

    I would like to hear your comments about your 365 project. What have you learned from the process, have you found it to be a positive experience and, if so, how? -Clark