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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Historic Leica Calendar

Every year I do a calendar for myself using my images.  This is a selection of photos I took recently for my personal calendar for 2013.  All the photos are of antique Leica cameras in period still life situations.

I put two versions of the calendar on LULU.COM.  If anyone loves Leica cameras as much as I do and wants a copy  or just wants to check it out, you can access it here:  ANTIQUE LEICA 2013 CALENDAR.

I still shoot film with some of these cameras today.

Leica IIIf - c1954, with complete Leica case of lenses and accessories

Leica IIIb - c1938 with 8.5cm f/1.5 Summarex lens

Leica IIIf - c1952 with a 20cm Telyt lens and Visoflex I viewer, shown here with a Weston Master III light meter of the same period.

Leica I (c1930) with Ur-Leica photo by Oscar Barnak using the first Leica prototype in 1913.

Lecia M4 (c1968) - My favorite film Leica, and the one I use today when I want to do some serious black and white film photography.

Leica III - c1937 with the special 9cm Thambar lens and soft focus filter.

Leica IIIc - c1944

Leica III - c1938, one of my favorites.  It currently sits on my desk loaded with film and ready to shoot.

Leica Standard - c1932

Leica M2 with dual-range Summicron c1959.  This was the first Leica camera I used professionally.

Leica IIIg - c1957

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