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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The past weekend has resulted in a variety of interesting weather patterns due to the constant passing thunderstorms.  The light, pastel blue in this image is due to the haze of midday summer heat.  Skies are used primarily as backgrounds in stock photograph so it is important to allow them to do their work.  I kept this image light and low in contrast so it would be easy to print over.

Billowing thunderheads stand out against the deep overhead sky and create dramatic shapes that illustrate the power of nature.

Most nights the skies would clear, and the shape of the remaining clouds often serve as reflectors of the sunset light.

Threatening, stormy clouds also make good stock shots.  I liked this one with the tiny sun barely peaking out from  behind the passing storm.

This is a combined panorama of two photos and illustrates the threatening grayness of a low-hanging storm.

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