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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Give your photos an Instagram effect in Photoshop

This is a very simple Photoshop technique for transforming your images into an old fashioned faded print look.

To see a fuller explanation of this technique visit my learning site at DSLR Learn.

This is the original photo cropped into a square.  The square format looks best with this technique.

Add a layer with one light color on top of the image and change the layer mode to multiply. Pastel shades work best. This gives the image a color cast and reduces the contrast.  Next add a levels layer to the original image layer and change the color.  Change the RGB layer to the right to brighten the photo.  Then select the red, green, and blue layers in succession and alter each of them by moving their sliders left or right to suit the look you want.  A soft vignette was added using the gradient tool to make two separate layers, one vertical and the other horizontal.  Both were layers were changed to multiply mode and merged together.  Finally, the opacity was reduced to around 60%.

This is the original photo of the image below.

Here I changed the color a bit more dramatically in a different direction than in the first sample to show a bit more of the range of this technique.  As a final adjustment, I added a curves layer to each of the photos and adjust the contrast.

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  1. Would this treatment be useful for stock? Shouldn't we deliver the pictures untreated for the buyer to have more options?