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Friday, March 9, 2012

Today we had some fun in the studio.  One model reeled through a bunch of situations.  Just so you don't think I do this alone, I have an incredible crew who prep the day by finding the models, prepare the script, gather together the props and wardrobe for all the planned shots, and move the lights and change scenes effortlessly to maximize the number of unique image we can accomplish in a just a few hours.

 Here are a just a few from today's shoot:

For this shot I had two assistants tossing water from cups from both sides of the models face. The whole thing was lit with Nikon SB-900 flash units because their stopping power for action is much better than studio strobes.

This shot was taken with a Profoto ringlight and Nikon D3s with 70-200mm lens.  I  usually use this lens with the ringlight flash because it is a zoom and I do not have to change the distance to the subject as I frame and cropn the image.  This maintains the distance, which means that the exposure stays the same so I have fewer changes to make.

I took this shot between takes.  We had just finished one scene and the model was on her way to wardrobe to prep for the next shot when I noticed her profile against the window light.  I asked her to stop, turn her face in profile, and then slowly turn towards me with her eyes.  This is the result.  I liked the inquiring look in her eyes.  A total grab shot done back lit by a window with no fill.

We have just gone through a period of academy awards. globe awards, etc., etc., and I thought it might be a good idea to do a some "red carpet" stock shots.  Here is one we did with the model today.  The entire lighting is from the six Nikon SB-900 flash units, the five you see in the background.  The front was filled with two, large gold/silver reflectors on either side of the model.

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