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Friday, February 17, 2012

The last sunrises.  This image was taken the day before I left with the Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens on a D7000.

The wind was blowing fast and the cloud formations changed rapidly.  This shot was taken about 20 minutes after the one above with the same camera but with an 8-16mm Sigma zoom set to 8mm (12mm equivalent at full-frame).

Dawn on my final day. It was a bit dark so I boosted the ISO to 400 on the D700 to gain a shutter speed that would stop the action in the water.  When shooting a scene like this, timing is everything,  I like to capture the water just as it washes up on the shore, but while some waves are still cresting.  Here the color is more intense because the water had already wet the shore from the previous surge and the wet sand was picking up the color and light reflection from the sky.

This is the same scene as above but 45 minutes later after the sun had come up.  The next time I shoot a scene such as this I should have my new Nikon D800 and won't need to carry both a DX and FX camera body. The sensor in the D800 has a resolution high enough in DX mode that it can use both DX and FX lenses on the same camera body and return a high res image from both formats.

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  1. I like the bending effect of the horizon that the fisheye lense produces. It reminds me of a picture ( ) I took using the same effect.