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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today we had one model in the studio for the entire day.  Janet, our stylist, prepared over a dozen different sets for the many scenes we did.  Here are just two of them, a florist shop and a painter's studio.  Both were set up in the exact same corner of our photo studio.

The day was bright and the sun low in the winter sky so we needed to scrim the windows that surround our studio to soften the light.  I used the Nikon D3s the entire day, as I usually do for model situations such as this, but I change lenses constantly to give a different perspective and depth of field in each scene.
Here is an example of the difference a lens choice can make.  The top photo was taken at 112mm with a Nikon 70-200 zoom set to f/2.8.  The middle photo used the Nikon 24-70mm zoom set to 62mm and f/2.8.  To achieve a very shallow depth of field resulting in an extremely soft background the bottom photo was taken with the Nikon 135mm defocus lens set to f/2.  A tungsten hair light was used in the rear off to the left in all the shots to simulate warm sunlight coming from a window.

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