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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today we did a series of images of someone working on various computers and tablets where they were lit by the glow from the screen.  Here are two samples, each was accomplished with a different method.  The top photo is actually a composite of two images.  With the camera on a tripod I took a shot of the model with a direct light shining in his face as though it was from a computer screen.  Then we turned out the light and placed the computer monitor in the scene.  Later in Photoshop I combined the image of the monitor with the image of the model and added the screen glow to the monitor to complete the effect.

lighting for this scene was completely different.  I placed a tiny Nikon SB-R200 flash on the computer keyboard and aimed it at the screen where I had taped a white sheet of paper to reflect the light back into the model's face.  Then it was a matter of balancing the exposure of the light from the flash with the ambient light until the scene looked like it was shot at night. 

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  1. Love this shot - looks very natural. Bouncing the flash off the white screen does the trick!