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Sunday, January 22, 2012

This will be the last blog photo of the eye glasses...promise!  A photo of the hand holding the glasses was combined with a second photo of the eye chart in focus to create the focused letters within the glasses.  Application of the Photoshop warping tool gave a rounding effect to the sharper letters along the sides of the glasses frames where they would have normally been distorted by the optics.


  1. You certainly should be able to write those glasses off your taxes by now! LOL! It was great to see all the variations you came up with for a simple item.

  2. Hi Tom, I am new to stock photography and wonder how does your studio look like? DO I need a professional studio to create this superb quality work?

  3. Graycat, most of the photos posted here are done very simply. A lot of them are just done in my home using window light. The images with models are done in my studio, which is a lot more complex. To answer your question, you do not need a professional studio to do good photography, but it does help when you want to do more elaborate productions.