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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Arrived in Istanbul.  Will be here for a few days.  I have never visited this city before and within minutes I picked up my camera and was off exploring.  This image shows the interior of the famous Blue Mosque.  Here is where you have got to love a Nikon.  I set the ISO to 1600 on my D700 and simply shot a series of interiors with available light and no tripod.  The Nikon has incredible noise control and doesn't even need post processing noise adjustments for ISO 1600. 

My first reaction to photographing Istanbul was that it is a city of details and contrasts, reflected in the centuries of layered cultures each adding a layer of artistic culture on top of the previous culture.  I found myself mounting the long zoom on my camera more than I normally would to fill the frame with detail.

Even this exterior view of the Blue Mosque was done with a long telephoto on a Nikon D7000.  The squashed perspective resulting from the telephoto effect flattens the building architecture in a pattern reflective of the cultural aesthetic.

Details and patterns abound.  Shooting here for the next few days should be a real pleasure.

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