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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our studio work flow today called for shooting stock photos of ice cream all day.  This is a very time consuming process for the stylist, which leaves me with a lot of extra time.  On days like this, I usually set up another still life project in the studio and work on it while the stylist is prepping the ice cream.  Because this series is within our normal work flow I am not including these images as part of the blog project.  I only include extra images -- those that are not my our normal work flow -- in the blog.

So for the blog project I did some shots of soap bubbles in between the ice cream takes.  Here are a few images from that series.
Usually, soap bubble shots are done in a very colorful manner, like this.  Although I like this strong, colorful graphic, it is not the most marketable way of treating this subject.

Less colorful shots like this are more marketable because they are more practically applicable to industrial product usage.

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