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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I liked the sky background I used in the egg shot below and wanted to use it again more prominently.  We had this little girl model in the studio for another project so I grabbed a quick shot of her on seamless to combine it.  I then needed a foreground.  It was raining out so I went to a nearby park and grabbed a shot of autumn leaves on grass with pooling rain water.  I put it all together in Photoshop, where I also added the glowing lights, and here it is.


  1. Great! I've been looking at your work for a couple of years now, but this seems to be a new direction of sorts - different style, different look. I would never have picked this out of a lineup as a 'Tom Grill' shot. But I like it and I really like the fact that with all those years of experience, you're still continuing to grow. Very cool, Tom!


  2. Tom Grill: said...

    Thanks for your comment, Thom. A lot of people don't know I have multiple-stylistic personalities. It all started when I was with Comstock. I was producing over 90% of the images for the company. At the time, Comstock was one of the largest stock agencies in the world. An agency that size would normally have images in a large number of styles, as well as extensive subject coverage. To accomplish this I was forced to reinvent myself several times. It is usually not a good thing for a photographer to show more than one style in a portfolio. So I picked one for my name and remained anonymous on the other styles.

    I've been doing this animated-looking style for over twenty years. Before digital I used to do it on a copy stand and on an animation unit I made myself.